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Join our Google Classroom to find our detailed list of certain scholarships and their due dates!

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Here are some national scholarships: 2021-2022 Scholarship List


Garden City Spring HEERF Funds Application

Heerf III Application - Spring 2022


Margaret Van Horn Dual Enrollment Classes

pay $300 for Dual Enrollment classes! 

MUST be snail mailed



SAFE Scholarship

Must be a member to apply!

SAFE Speaks poster.pdf

SAFE Scholarship Form



Wheatland Electric – Feb 1st
Wheatland Electric has a $1,000 scholarship available exclusively for a high school senior from your school and four $1,000 competitive scholarships for juniors in our service area (13 high schools).
Please find our Scholarship application online at
The deadline to apply is February 1, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. 
Awarded scholarships may be used at any accredited university, community college or technical school.
One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a student at each high school in our service territory and one at large scholarship will be awarded.


Community Foundation of Southwest KS Scholarship – Feb 1st

Due Feb 1st!!!!  This one is a doozy so get it in ASAP



Helium Litigation Fund – Feb 15th

$4000 Scholarship due Feb 15th



Gas Capital Scholarship – Feb 15th

3.3 GPA and higher.  Due Feb 15th



The KADPF Scholarship – Feb 15th


Definitely apply if you are going to a four-year institution



Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities Scholarship – March 7th

Scholarship for students of School staff (NOT TEACHERS). 

Your parent must receive a paycheck from USD 494 for a non-instructive position (para, janitorial, admin...etc)

The Kansas Association of Directors of Plant Facilities promotes bringing the buildings and grounds profession to a greater height of knowledge and professionalism and has established a scholarship fund and will award 7 $3,000 academic scholarships and 3  $3,000 technical scholarships to qualifying students. These scholarships are available only to graduating seniors of non-instructional support staff who wish to continue their education at the college level or technical school. The students must be residents of Kansas and graduate from a Kansas High School and plan to attend a Kansas College or technical school. Only children whose parent or legal guardian is actively employed in a K-12 or secondary education institution and engaged in a buildings and grounds, food service or transportation position shall be eligible for these scholarships and it is the responsibility of the school to submit their best applications for competition. It is again time for KADPF Scholarship applications.  Applications are located on our website. At the KADPF homepage, click on the KADPF Scholarship Program tab at the top.  Applications are due to me by March 7, 2022.
The most often asked question is, “ are secretary and para children or guardians eligible for this scholarship?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. It was designed to be a scholarship awarded to children and guardians of plant facility operators, secretaries and paras usually fall under building administration.


KJIL Scholarship – March 31st

$1000 for a student going to Christian College due March 31st



KCCEOA Scholarship – March 31st

$500 for students going into: Journalism☐/Political Science☐/Business☐/Communications☐

2022+KCCEOA+Scholarship+Manual+Application (1).pd


Kansas Seed Scholarship – April 1st

Ag degrees only. $1000 due April 1st




Skyland Scholarship – April 1st

$4000 for Ag degrees (2yr and 4yr) Due April 1st

Agricultural Scholarships | Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado


Wood N Post – April 1st

$1000 scholarship

due April 1

Wood N Post Scholarship.docx


Garland Smith – April 1st

$500 scholarship

due April 1



Rotary Scholarship – April 15th

Due April 15th

Rotary Scholarship 2022.doc


Ron Ewy Memorial Scholarship – April 15th

due April 15th



Lee Orozco Scholarship – April 17th


Due April 17th

Mail to:
Southwest Riders
830 N Hickock St
Ulysses KS



Education Foundation – April 29th

due April 29th



Raymond Urton Scholarship Trust – April 30th

due April 30



Everleigh Charitable Trust Scholarship – April 30th

due April 30



O'Brate Scholarship- May 1st

$5,000 a year.  Due May 1st

Create your SurveyMonkey Apply account


Jeff Wilson Memorial Scholarship – May 1st


due May 1st

1875_001 (1).pdf


Delta Chi

$250 for male attending K-State



General State of Kansas Scholarships

Create an account and apply to many available scholarships offered by the state of KS

Kansas Student Financial Aid


Scholarship for students who want to go into Business!

2018 "Aspiring Business Professional" Scholarship Application | Online MBA Report


Hispanic Students!  Please apply!

❏ High school seniors and continuing undergraduate college students preparing to enroll in a minimum of six
credit hours in a post-secondary institution (community college, technical school, university-including
graduate school, adult education program, etc.). Graduating undergraduate students are eligible if pursuing
a graduate degree next fall (2021).
❏ Have completed high school diploma or GED at the time scholarship funds are disbursed, between late
July and early August (2021-2022 academic year).
❏ Strong balance of grade point average (GPA), involvement & leadership in school and/or community
activities, and well-written essay is expected in addition to submitting complete application materials.
❏ Must be a resident of Kansas (live and attend a school in Kansas).
Scholarship amounts and number of recipients will be determined on the quality and quantity of applications
received, and availability of funds. Historically, LULAC Kansas Scholarships have ranged between $350-
$1,000. Applicants will be notified by the end of April. Awardees will be recognized during our virtual
2021 Kansas LULAC State Convention.




If you are a child of someone in EMS, Fire fighter, or law enforcement, this scholarship is for you!

America's 911 Foundation - Scholarship Application


Hamilton County Public Foundation

See Mrs T. for a paper application.  Applications MUST be signed by pen.  Mrs. T can mail it in for you

Hamilton County Public Foundation Scholarship Application.docx

Seniors, if you have financial need in attending school, please apply for this scholarship.  Min 2.0 GPA


Pioneer Communications Memorial Scholarships
Pioneer Communications will be awarding the Joseph B. Chilen and Earl B. Williams Memorial Scholarship to eligible 2022 graduating seniors.  The scholarship will be awarded as 5 individual scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each to students across our service area, and 15 individual scholarships to one senior student at each of the 15 high schools in our service area. The parent or guardian of the applicant must be a customer of Pioneer Communications.  I have attached the application, which is due on Monday, February 28, 2022.  Scholarships may be sent as a PDF via email to:  They may also be mailed to: Attn: Lynda Caffey, Pioneer Communications, PO Box 707, Ulysses, KS 67880-707; with a postmark on or before 2/28/22. The transcript required should be through midterm of the student’s senior year.  Please let the students know that the application is also available to download from our website: .
Foundation for Rural Service (FRS)
The Foundation for Rural Service (FRS) has scholarship opportunities for senior students in our service area.  Applications for these scholarships are now available online on the FRS website at:  this URL link is also on Pioneer Communications’ scholarship website: .  Pioneer Communications sponsors these scholarships, so the completed applications must have Pioneer Communications listed as your family’s telecommunications provider (for internet, telephone or StreamTV.) 



Farm Bureau Scholarship

Hamilton County
Farm Bureau Association
PO Box 983
Syracuse, KS 67878 
September 22, 2021 

We would like to invite you to apply for the Farm Bureau Ag Ambassador scholarship.
Each year the board selects one senior from a Hamilton County Farm Bureau
membership family to serve as county Ag Ambassador.
This year’s award will be $1000 ($500 per semester, based on a 2.5 GPA).
Please return the enclosed application to the Hamilton County Farm Bureau office
located at 105 N. Main (north of the Gazebo) before October 15th, 2020. Feel free to use
the mail drop in the door if office is closed. Please do not drop off application at Farm
Bureau Financial Services, (insurance office).